Lautaro comes to an end…Transmut!

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Closing the current form of this musical project called Lautaro
I decided at this stage in my life to let go of some things, travel lighter, focus my energy on things that today resonate with me.

As a kind of ceremony of this change of cycle, I release this album consisting of 7 songs created and published between 2007 and 2014 in different compilations and labels. The result is a deep personal album that goes through different evolution stages of sound experimentation from Lautaro. The cover is made by Raquel Meyers, a visual artist who I admire and who had not worked with till now, a complete luxury!

Along with the tracks I asked some friends that I value, companions of this journey, to write what comes to them as a review for this musical project, I have been pleasantly surprised by their texts!! For me these words are like hugs goodbye or “see you later”.
Note: to all who want to write something about this project that ends here, send me a line and I will gladly add it!!! Nothing beats an accompanied fair well 😉

Lautaro – Transmut

Lautaro_Transmut_cover_150dpi 3000x3000


  1. Cuarz (Lowtoy on Weekly Treats) – 2014 link
  2. Angry Atom (Verrue Objet nº1) – 2007 link
  3. Fly (Irreverent Music – V.A. Showcase) – 2012 link
  4. Karm ( – 2014 link
  5. Domaerrores (Chipotle) – 2010 link
  6. No Por Ahora ( – 2014 link
  7. Space Agronomist (Europe in 8bits) – 2014 link

Mastering: Chip Lab Studio

Free Download: Lautaro – Transmut mp3

Free Download: Lautaro – Transmut wav


Thanks to Julián for the mastering and Ben Dusak for the translations!!


Searches, change, action, new roads, movement, transformation…

I always had interest in new and different things.

Throughout my life I approached in different ways towards music. I remember the early days of Subatak, I made visuals with Txalo, but what really caught my attention was the music (at that time especially using a gameboy as an instrument), so one day back in mid-2006, I decided to upset the balance of the group, leaving the visual side and move to the musical side next to Brujo and Marce. I was captivated by those simple and sharp sounds, I felt them raw and pure, they hypnotized me.

With Subatak I reached Gameboys from a very basic place, with Microbcn I incorporated new console software that gave me more play and also accessing circuit bending. It was at that moment that I realized that besides the music, what attracted me most was the philosophy and spirit behind it.
I had everything I needed to start experimenting and creating the way I wanted, so in late 2006 the musical project called Lautaro was born. The first presentation was in March 2007, in Niu (Barcelona).

I Never really had an idea or plan which way to go, letting myself be guided by intuition and experimentation, always in search of sounds, shapes and new languages, no matter the musical principles, therapeutically I think maybe bringing out a darker and complex side, always playing with randomness and error, and agnolging the phrase that went through this project: kaos as part of the balance.

It was always complicated the relationship between my music and the listener. This choice responded from the beginning to a search attempt, that was not chewed or finish, by placing the listener as part of the process to complete the musical experience as a journey, each contributing feelings and imagination.
Of course this election has deprived me of many fans, but allowing me to share this experience in a deeper way with many souls willing to let go without putting mental barriers while listening.

I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many talented musicians and vj’s over the years, and especially a variety of people who have enriched me. I greatly appreciate all the people who accompanied me along the way these years in different cities around the globe!!

To the chiptune and circuit bending family: this has only just begun!

I have no idea if what follows will be under the same name or not, or whether it will be a skin change, different focus, a new motor. Nor if I’ll keep making chiptune and using circuit bending …
What I am sure of is that I am still interested in music, or more precisely deep sounds and experimentation.

I think if one is attentive and honest with his art, he can tell when something is not really alive. So before it starts diluting, moving only by inertia, I decided to give an end to this project as it was, that is also the beginning of something new.

Thanks from the heart!





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